Service ERP Solution Modules

Rethink your company's operational efficiency to provide clients with top-notch services and boost revenue. Make your customers feel valued and watch your sales fly up.

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Inventory Management

Optimize inventory management, sales order processing, and purchase order processing with the robust ERP Software in UAE anytime and anywhere.

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Warehouse Management

Process various pick-and-pack strategies with efficient warehouse management by ERP-Dubai. Try the advanced WMS for your service business.

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Accounting Management

Get access to well-organized and trustworthy financial reports to handle all aspects of your accounting and money more effectively with a single click.

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Asset Management

Track all necessary data, including asset codes, part numbers, asset descriptions, locations of assets, and dates of purchases. Plan asset management for better service efficiency.

ERP Dubai

Configurable ERP For the Service Industry

Make proper resource planning, including managing fierce competition, fostering profitable expansion, and addressing macro challenges particular to the people- and project-centric nature of the services industry. As professional services advance throughout the value chain, businesses must anticipate and evaluate needs as they arise.

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Customer satisfaction

Achieve cost optimization, generate new revenue, advance towards becoming a truly global business, and maintain a local focus with the best Service ERP Software in UAE.


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Effective Solutions

Elate ERP is created especially for service providers and businesses that support the services industry



To provide your clients with more individualized and relevant services, keep track of every connection you have with them and review their past interactions.


Facility Management

Facility management manages attrition, T&A, operations, payroll, timely and accurate billing, and regional compliance to increase operational efficiency and profitability


Professional service automation

Get an ERP solution with advanced analytics, timesheets, billing, invoicing, and payroll for complete coverage of Contract Management, Project Management, and Profitability.


Workforce management

Unified Workforce Management Platform helps reconcile workforce-related data with legal compliance, and optimize vendor ecosystem and contractor procedures.


Billing Management

This module addresses client-side variable billing cycle management, including monthly and annual billing cycles.


Time and Attendance

Real-time services by Service ERP software improve user experience. Capture your employees' information, including their check-in and check-out times with this module.

Service ERP Customization

Customize your ERP System to the needs of the services industry as a whole and stand out from the competition with special value-added propositions that support customer retention and faster response times.

Efficient Resource Allocation

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Streamlined Workflow Automation

Elate ERP streamlines service workflows through automation, reducing manual processes, streamlining operations, and improving overall efficiency in service delivery.

Customer-Centric Approach

Integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionalities enable centralized customer data management, personalized interactions, and improved customer service, enhancing client relationships.

Continuous Improvement

Advanced analytics tools provide insights into service performance metrics, enabling businesses to identify trends, evaluate service effectiveness, and make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.

Why People Choose us

Boost sales and retain consumers with minimal marketing effort. You can now manage your business from anywhere at any time with a system that is mobile-capable.

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Cost Savings

Providing free support, customization, and installation services can significantly reduce initial investment costs for businesses.

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Customer satisfaction

Make your clients happy by providing continuously excellent services. Process automation to achieve this consistency.

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Effective customization

Assist your distinct business procedures with a solution that is simple to incorporate into the existing system with highly qualified developers.

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24/7 Support

Get online and onsite assistance with ERP-Dubai expert trainers and developers anytime you raise a query or issue.


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Service logistics

Efficient logistics decides your service industry’s success by improving its operational strategies. Enhance your supply chain with the leading ERP software in Dubai. Employ the Elate ERP system to accelerate processes and manage stocks better. ERP-Dubai provides hosting and support services for the service industry.

Deliveries happen more quickly as a result, and customers are happier. Increase the profitability of the business and streamline the process from start to the end.


Project Management

With a service ERP system, handle resource allocation, budgeting, progress tracking, and project schedules all in one place. Possess a complete project overview to identify problems and take rapid action based on data.

Charge your clients for the staff you dispatched to their location using the Time Sheets tool. Gantt charts and Kanban boards help in work tracking and planning. Obtain a brief and clear picture of your progress using ERP solutions for the service industry.