Manufacturing Module in ERP

For manufacturing companies, effective process management is essential to ensure seamless operations from obtaining raw materials to delivering products. Lower overall maintenance expenses while improving service quality.

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Business management

Get results and adapt to the ever-changing demands of the market while raising the caliber of your business output.

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Production management

Utilize our Manufacturing ERP solution to expedite all manufacturing processes, from production and planning to scheduling and carrying out.

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Vendor management

Integrate supply chain operations by using manufacturing ERP software, facilitating easy communication between distributors, manufacturers, and vendors.

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Inventory management

Inventory units track, manage, and simplify processes with the use of our manufacturing software systems on a single platform.

Custom ERP for manufacturing

Customizing manufacturing ERP sets a balance between integration and the requirements of the company. You can easily combine the workflow of your multiple internal departments and teams by using this configurable ERP. Build a strong relationship between material suppliers and purchasers with CRM features. Every business has its own specifications and requirements and we meet all of them.

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Customer satisfaction

Get real-time insights on the latest supply chain conditions, financial performance, sales, and order data, and live inventory levels. We prioritize our customer’s needs and design the system accordingly.


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Effective Solutions

Businesses won't have to wait for a vendor to issue an update to benefit from fresh innovations and breakthroughs in ERP technology.



Manage customer data, track interactions, and personalize communications to improve customer satisfaction.


Financial Management

Manufacturing ERP offers systemized management and data analysis for finance and sales tasks, as well as shop floor control, and purchasing.


Sales and Marketing

Tracking each order from the time it is placed to the delivery of the necessary materials and creating sales invoices with the sales module.


Human Resource Management

A productive workforce is ensured by streamlining HR procedures like payroll, hiring, training, and employee performance management.


Document Management

Centralize and manage important documents related to production, compliance, and processes.


Manufacturing Management

Plan and schedule manufacturing processes to maximize resources and satisfy demand. Get high-quality service and compliance with industry standards.


Project Management

Schedule production, ensure employing enough workers, and track raw materials availability. Monitor profit performance and budget throughout the manufacturing process.

Productive and Agile

Elate ERP can adapt, grow, and expand as the market landscape arises and requirements become extensive. Your budget never exceeds system maintenance when you have a flexible and agile ERP. Enhance your productivity with the leading ERP software in the UAE.

Real-Time Insights and Visibility

The ERP system provides real-time visibility into manufacturing operations. With advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, businesses can access crucial insights, monitor production KPIs, and make informed decisions promptly.

Efficiency and Process Optimization

Elate ERP streamlines manufacturing processes, optimizing workflows from production planning to shop floor control. This ensures enhanced operational efficiency, minimized downtime, and better resource allocation.

Supply Chain Integration and Control

The ERP integrates supply chain management seamlessly, allowing businesses to manage vendors, procurement, and material requirements efficiently. This integration ensures smoother production and timely availability of resources.

Comprehensive Quality Control

Elate ERP includes robust quality control modules, ensuring adherence to quality standards, inspections, and compliance measures. This emphasis on quality assurance minimizes errors and enhances overall product quality.

Why People Choose us

It implies a willingness to invest in the success of their clients by providing essential services upfront, fostering a relationship built on trust and support.

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Cost Savings

Providing free support, customization, and installation services can significantly reduce initial investment costs for businesses.

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Real-time insights

Our cloud-based manufacturing ERP Software provides up-to-date metrics, KPIs, and analytics that represent the financial status of the company.

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Tailored Solutions

Free customization indicates Elate Soft's willingness to tailor the ERP system to meet specific manufacturing requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for the business's unique processes.

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Data Security

Complete encryption and cloud-based backup with data security in Elate ERP Software. Benefit from strong security mechanisms and saving sensitive data.

Material resource and

Capacity planning

Capacity planning and material resources management guarantee that companies have the resources and capacity. They require this to meet their manufacturing goals. Being a producer monitor stock levels and determine when to place reorders.

Reduce the possibility of stockouts and surplus inventories. Satisfy customer demand without depleting your resources within the deadline and forecast production capacity.

Simplify manufacturing with proper estimations and material stock planning by using the leading ERP Software in Dubai.