Scalable Retail ERP system

Retail outlets have enormous challenges that can only be solved with multi-capability ERP systems since they have the closest relationship with end users and customers of any company verticals.

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Inventory and stocks

Retailers can automate inventory replenishment based on continuing buying trends with the help of industry-ready technologies.

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To guarantee that accurate data is stored and accessible in real-time, our ERP solutions can include advanced financial accounting modules.

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Pricing supervision

Supervise pricing with ERP. Modified pricing has a start and end date and is stored in the ERP. It could be an override amount or a percentage change from the usual price.

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POS feature

A robust point-of-sale (POS) system is integrated into the applications to guarantee prompt and precise billing.

ERP For Retail Billing

The fast-paced retail industry is changing with the demands of customers and fluctuates with short periods. It is also a sector that experiences fierce rivalry and needs strong systems and processes to meet both short- and long-term corporate objectives. Retail stores of all sizes use retail billing software worldwide to help them deal with issues and get over challenges.

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Customer satisfaction

Take care of the back office operations of your retail industry, including inventory, orders, fulfillment and shipping, warehouses, accounting, and other important post-purchase processes with the robust Retail ERP Software.


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Effective Module Solutions

Gain real-time information and a complete picture of everything from purchasing to marketing initiatives and sales forecasting with the correct retail ERP software.



Manage customer data, track interactions, and personalize communications to improve customer satisfaction


Inventory Management

A separate inventory management module provides a complete inventory of the goods that are kept stocked in stores, warehouses, and transits.


Point-of-Sale system

Multi-currency payments can be processed by our POS systems, which also drastically shorten transaction processing times.


Finance integration

Our ERP solution makes data silos impossible to occur and makes financial transaction administration easier.


Multi-Store Billing

It is challenging to swiftly integrate sales data when multiple stores are managing sales using distinct accounts and invoicing systems.


Multichannel and Online Shopping

Embrace multiple sales channels and have a strong online presence in the digital age. Manage multiple retail stores with multi-channel capabilities.


Customer Experience

Among the main causes of declining client loyalty are slow or inaccurate billing, incorrect services, out-of-date inventory, absence of discounts, etc.

Automation and Customization

The robust automation and customization feature in retail ERP systems makes it simple and quick to automate the time-consuming operations that impede your company's growth. Including shipping, accounting, and complicated order fulfillment across several warehouses, among many more procedures that let you process more orders faster without adding additional staff.

Unified Omnichannel Experience

The ERP system ensures a seamless omnichannel experience by integrating online and offline retail channels, allowing consistent operations and customer experiences across various platforms.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Integrated CRM functionalities enable retailers to personalize interactions, understand customer preferences, and deliver superior customer experiences, fostering customer loyalty.

Efficient Inventory Management

Elate ERP streamlines inventory control, optimizing stock levels, reducing stockouts, and ensuring accurate stock replenishment, leading to improved operational efficiency.

Real-time Analytics and Reporting

Advanced analytics tools provide real-time insights into sales, customer behavior, and inventory data, empowering retailers to make informed decisions for business growth.

Why People Choose us

The cloud-based nature of modern Retail ERP software allows for easy customization and maintenance, as well as anytime, anywhere access.

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Cost Savings

Providing free support, customization, and installation services can significantly reduce initial investment costs for businesses.

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Rapid setup and implementation

Elate ERP guarantees a 10x faster ERP setup and implementation process. Providing a cloud-based solution, ERP-Dubai focuses on one client at a time.

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24/7 Training & Support

Our expert developers confidently walk you through every step of the process, from implementation to continuing customer success and round-the-clock support.

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Smooth Integration

You won't ever have to wait months or even years for a custom integration again with ERP-Dubai. Enjoy smooth integrations that scale with your business.


Trusted, Happy & Satisfied Businesses


POS system

Elate ERP solutions are perfect for managing retail outlets across several locations, because of its feature-rich dashboard and customizable info-panels. Users can configure pre-defined alerts and receive notifications about key activities, and the POS software optimizes and streamlines daily operations.


Promotional Strategies

Develop, carry out, and monitor your promotional tactics using the promotional scheme module. This module allows retailers to plan and execute a range of promotions. Plan promotional items like discounts, package deals, and loyalty plans. Using Retail ERP Solutions, businesses can quickly assess the effectiveness of such plans. It improves customer engagement and helps retailers increase revenue. and maximize their marketing initiatives as well.

Budgets for promotions are within the hands of businesses. They guarantee that the promotions are carried out within budgetary constraints. The budget report is supplied by Retail ERP Solutions.