Distribution And Wholesale

Cloud-Based Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP Software for Wholesale and Distribution Industry.

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Inventory Management

Revolutionize the Wholesale and distribution sector with effective management in all aspects of inventory operations and logistic procedures.

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Order Processing

Coordinate all the efforts to fulfill a client's order for products and services, starting with the order's confirmation and delivery to the customer.

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Supply Chain

Handle several ordering modalities, including configure-to-order, and make-to-order, and it can offer real-time operations support across different supply chain sites.

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Warehouse Management

Transfer items from supplier to warehouse to consumer store efficiently with ERP solutions. Warehouse management becomes smooth with ERP-Dubai.

ERP For Distribution & Wholesale

We have integrated distribution sector capabilities into our state-of-the-art ERP and WMS solutions. We facilitate the introduction of new value-added services, improve customer satisfaction, and lead to operational excellence. Whether at one or multiple locations, we handle distribution center operations holistically to achieve operational excellence.

Support and expedite flow-through, cross-docking, and scheduling Utilizing embedded labor management and clear visualization increases visibility and warehouse efficiency.

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Customer satisfaction

Elate ERP enables customers to make purchases through the channels they want to increase loyalty. Exceptional user experiences, powerful analytics, and strong CRM in one place.


14+ Years Of Experience


Effective Solutions

With comprehensive, inter-connected, and mobile distribution ERP software, you can automate and integrate the whole quote-to-cash cycle and make more informed wholesale business decisions.



A wholesale company efficiently manages sales pipelines, segments its customer base, and personalizes marketing strategies with a CRM.


Financial Management

Add, report, and aggregate those financials across various sites, warehouses, and companies as needed.


Sales and Marketing

Throughout the whole sales funnel, from the initial contact to the last purchase, automate lead and sales management.


Human Resources (HR)

Centralize all HR operations, such as leave administration, payroll processing, attendance monitoring, and employee data management.


Manufacturing Management

ERP-Dubai facilitates effective manufacturing processes, order fulfillment, inventory control, and customer support.


Project Management

Manage project acquisition, estimating, quote, and budget definition, among other areas of project handling using ERP-Dubai.

Customization and Adaptability

With our advanced cloud ERP systems customized for your business, wholesale distributors can stay at the forefront of automation, innovation, and productivity.

Customizing ERP software enables a balance between integration and specification. With so many customizations available, Elate ERP enables organizations to adapt the system to their own requirements. Because of its flexibility, it can change to meet the demands of various sectors, making it a flexible and configurable ERP solution.

Seamless Integration and Unified Platform

Elate ERP provides a unified platform that seamlessly integrates various modules and functionalities. This integration streamlines processes, reduces data silos, and enhances cross-departmental collaboration for improved efficiency.

Robust Reporting and Analytics

The ERP system offers robust reporting and analytics tools, providing real-time insights into business performance. These tools empower informed decision-making by presenting actionable data and key performance indicators (KPIs) at your fingertips.

Industry-Specific Solutions

Elate ERP offers industry-specific solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of different sectors. Whether it's manufacturing, distribution, retail, or services, Elate provides specialized functionalities catering to specific industry requirements.

Scalability and Growth Enablement

Designed to support business growth, Elate ERP is scalable, accommodating expanding operations without compromising performance. It ensures a smooth transition during business expansion phases, offering the necessary flexibility to scale up.

Why People Choose us

We invest in the success of our clients by providing essential services upfront, fostering a relationship built on trust and support.

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Risk-Free Exploration

Risk-free cloud access to ERP software with 100% assistance from expert trainers. Free demo to explore the most efficient software.

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Cost Savings

Providing free support, customization, and installation services can significantly reduce initial investment costs for businesses.

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Tailored Solutions

We develop customizable ERP platforms as per our client’s needs. Starting from custom ERP initiatives to implementation within budget.

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We prioritize a hassle-free ERP implementation for our clients and give independent access to the users keeping their convenience in mind.


Trusted, Happy & Satisfied Businesses


Stock and Stock Replenishments

Our Distribution ERP software offers a special way to control inventory levels. You may monitor sales orders, purchase orders, and inventory levels with this software and receive real-time updates.

Multi-store management

Multi-channel sales

Using distribution ERP software, establish new business divisions. Start working right away. Establish a scope for every branch of your company to ascertain its overall productivity. Look at expenses, stock actions, profits, and losses as well. Monitor the latest transit information and delivery costs from the leading shipping providers.

By coordinating data and procedures across several sales channels, including e-commerce sites, physical storefronts, and mobile apps, ERP facilitates multi-channel selling. It guarantees a smooth client experience and lessens the difficulty of handling multiple channels.

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